Joyce van der Lely headshot

Hello, I am Joyce van der Lely a.k.a. Miss Pippi

I am a Mixed Media artist and tutor originally from the Netherlands, I moved to Christchurch-New Zealand in 1995 and after all the earthquakes we took the family over to the Bay of Plenty late 2011

I teach classes from my quaint little studio in the Historic Village in Tauranga as well as online

I thought to just let you know what you can expect from my classes here.

When you sign up for a class: After your payment for a class is received, you will get an email guiding you to classroom.

There will also be a Facebook page for each of the classes, so students can share their work and ideas and teacher support will be available whenever you need it.

My workshop videos: The style of videos I make is clear and easy to follow with parts in real time and parts sped up {the straight forward bits}

Spoken as well as written instructions combined with PDF files and templates will guide you through the projects.

I like to mix things up to keep it interesting as I myself switch off when things get too monotone.

I hope this makes your decision to jump into one of my classes a little easier. I’d love to see you and work with you !

xx Joyce



I also teach here


Soul Food           at  Community Thrive

Fresco {small}   at  the Trodden Path


and facilitate

the Traveling Art Project




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